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On september 8th 2009 I wrote from Beijing “…It may be that there really is no word for blllrlrlrlllw” in Chinese? If that is really so, then one would have to take everything people say seriously in Chinese – and I am sure the Chinese, like anyone else, have heard enough bullshit to be careful with that..”

On the 26th I announced my idea for a change of mind, and set out to represent: “the thoughts that hadn’t been thought yet, and all the experiences beyond expression”

This confusion about what a bear can be, peaked yesterday, when Ulla Hvejsel, the head I used to be in, in hope of a whole new way of thinking, and an eloquent presentation of what was beyond expression, let herself represent by me – her inner bear; this bear that had somehow made a promise to be a living, conceivable example of all kinds of complicated otherwise inexplicable truths.

For some reason however, these truths turned out to be less wellspoken than she had dreamt of. But as we all know, the truth is on the inside, and since the bear is from the inside, even it’s blrvvvrrr or groaarrr cannot be ignored. Maybe the yet unthought thoughts are really to be found between the lines of such halfspoken sentences. Maybe there is tranformative power in clumsy phrasings.

The best danish translation for blllrlrlrlllw yet, was by the situationist Jørgen Nash. In 1963 he used this translation to answer a question from a reporter, regarding his involvement in the decapitation of the national symbol: the little mermaid. It goes like this:

“chi chi chi chyk bdyk chi chi chi svivi svi svi svivi svi chi chi ci svivi botji votji votji hø he votji tju tje vutji, tju thje vutji, vutji våtji tje høh, ss she svi svi svivi, svivi svi svi schouk, adtjiu adtji, svi vutje che svivi , svut ci – åhh chi!”

Another attempt at translating the whole profound meaning of the word blllrlrlrlllw was recently spoken by Jony Ive, Senior Vice president of Apple computers:

You know it’s true.. when something exceeds your ability to understand. It sort of becomes magical!

More than just a unwanted thought?

Today I  had a minor disagreement with the head I used to be in. I feel she reduces me to just the uglyness from within. I  can’t blame her really, it is in her culture to think that the within is made of all the ugly hidden away truths, but I will do my best to complicate matters further!

I can feel it annoys her that she doesn’t know where I am going. She calls me a concept that has gotten out of hand, and I know that she doesn’t mean well. In better times it could be a compliment.

Instead of being  the bear of all the unspoken hideousness from within, I would like to be the bear of the mind that represent all the thoughts that hasn’t been thought yet, and of all the great experiences in the heart that are beyond expression. I believe it is possible for a white bear to be so much more than just an unwanted thought!