The white bear CV


1776: Sensed as a possible inhumane force within humans, by thinkers such as for instance Adam Smith 

1863: First pinned as a white bear by Fyodor Dostoyevskij in his traveldiary “Winter Notes on Summer Impressions”

2009: Came out of the head for the first time – in a lecture where Ulla Hvejsel, talks about selfdeceit – and about not thinking about white bears.

2009: September/ The White bear goes to China – to study the brotherhood that Dostoyevskij claims the white bear may be standing in the way of.

2010: A white bear in Suomenlinna, Finland / residency

2011: Internalized geographies  – a Tableau Vivante with white bear.

2011-12: Beauty within and without – a beautyguide in 5 easy steps, about inner roarers, ugly vegetarians and the inside that counts.

2010 -12: A white bear on the free market/ research for, and diary from a white bear journey to Glasgow, Scotland – the place where the freemarket was invented in 1876.

2012: Human rights, white bears, and the correct legal spelling of Dostoyevskij – a balancing act