Human rights, white bears, and the correct legal spelling of Dostoyevskij

A white bear speaks (in danish..scroll down for video in english) about the difficult balncing acts between human rights, hunting bear, an a legal spelling for a new time. This video is form a performance of the balancing act at Sydhavn Station Udstillingssted.


The white bear performing the balancing act at Lett Lawfirm in October 2012

english abstract :

In 1863 Fyodor Dostoyevskij wrote that if one one tries not to think of a white bear, “the damned animal will be constantly in your thoughts”.

In October and December 2012 however, the white bear went out of it’s mind to roar on about the problems of  particular and individual roars, versus basic ideas of equality before the law.

In october and September, the bear presented it’s research into this field of  law and equality in a kind of learned balancing act. While literally balancing on all it’s substantialresearch, the bear got to the bottom of a variety of questions about human rights, laws of bear-harvesting around the world, and a new way in which to spell Dostoyevskij.

With the current melting away in the arctic, however,  “Getting to the Bottom”, has entered into a disconceritng reality. For that reason, the white bear talked warmly in favor of skating lightly across the surface of matters.

Thus skating around on thin ice however, there may be a risk of it melting away before a white bear can return to whencefrom it came. The fact that bears have gone across the ice and gotten trapped on the other side due to earlier and earlier springs is, according to many, one reason why there is an increase in crossbreeding between white beas and brown bears. In the past decade several socalled “PIZZLIES” and “GROLARS” hav been spotted and shot dead.

And this takes us right into legal grey area because allthewhile there are very fixed rules about who can and cannot shoot both white and brown bears, these hybrid species seem to be beyond the law – and are shot without consequence…