Tableau vivante with white bear

an_aquired_taste_2img_0998April 19th 2011 – Press-release:
This exhibition in the series of shows organized by Suada Demirovic called “Global lokalitet”/” Global Locality” is about the geography within us, white bears, and the whole wide world.

In 1863 Fyodor Dostoyevskij wrote that, if one sets oneself the task, not to think of a white bear, one will also quickly discover, that the cursed thing comes to mind every minute. He wrote this in his travel-diary “Winter Notes on Summer Impressions”, in an attempt to explain how we, besides being ourselves, are also born with an either russian or western (or danish, or vesterbro’ean) inner bear on our minds; An inner beast that has already taken some of the decisions for us, as to what kind of people we are going to be.

For this show, however, through and advanced stew, made out of a variety of national or regional cookbooks, the bear has come out of the head. Thus, out of the head, it will, during the show, sit in it’s library and, with the help of these cookbook’s “own words”, try and rewrite this history of internalized geography.

After many years in the head, with a pure spiritual diet however, the bear has become quite a peckish little critter, that wont eat just anything. By the end of the show, therefore, the bear will, present what is hopefully a new and stimulating culinary experience, and invite everyone for a advanced leftovers. Here, it will prepare a selection of those new recipes that are left in the cookbooks after the bears are freed from them.